Wednesday, October 06, 2010

OFED 1.5.1 on Ubuntu 10.04

There's some compatibility issue of OFED with Ubuntu 10.10 due to kernel changes, but as far as we know, Ubuntu 10.04 is compatible with OFED 1.5.1 (but not 1.5.2...)

To install OFED 1.5.1, which is a RPM-based package, you have to do the following:

- Install alien

$ sudo apt-get install alien

- Use bash instead of dash
- By default, the /bin/sh is linked to /bin/dash instead of /bin/bash, so you have to re-link /bin/sh to /bin/bash for the time being

$ sudo rm /bin/sh
$ sudo ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh

- Install prerequisites

$ sudo apt-get install flex bison zlib1g-dev libssl-dev tcl-dev tk-dev

- Unpack the package

- Change and to add --force-debian option
- replace in

my $rpminstall_flags = "";


my $rpminstall_flags = "--force-debian";

- replace in

$RPM -e


$RPM --force-debian -e

- Install as root with --without-depcheck flag

$ ./ --without-depcheck

- Select 2) Install OFED Software

- Select 3) All packages (all of Basic, HPC)



annunaki2k2 said...

Perfect - just what I was looking for. Thanks for posting this useful information - I now have my Mellanox MT26418 cards working with ib under Ubuntu 10.04.

Just out of interest, what is incompatible with 1.5.2?

Anonymous said...

Trying it out with 1.5.4 just now on Ubuntu 10.10, so far so good looks like it works. Thanks for the very helpful article.